Christian and Karen Bell-Young both hold BA Honours degrees in music, awarded by The Academy of Contemporary Music and Queen's University respectively. They are also both members of ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association) and NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). The studio earned full RCM accreditation in 2018 for voice and piano tuition.

Christian and Karen hold a combined 30+ years of professional performance, teaching and thought leadership in music and theatre.

Alysa King holds a BA Honours in Dramatic Arts, awarded by Queen's University, and is also a graduate of the Theatre Arts program at Sheridan College. She is an award-winning professional Film and TV actor, having starred in numerous acclaimed productions.


UNIQUE Opportunities

There's a reason our slogan is Music. Education. Opportunity.™ We don't just teach our students how to "read the dots" on the page and then forget about them until the next week; we constantly offer opportunities outside of lessons to keep their development going. 


We believe that the real education takes place experientially, which is why we leverage our established presence in the theatre and studio community to give students access to unique growth opportunities. These include:

- Regional and provincial singing competitions.

- Leading roles in professional and amateur musical theatre productions.

- The CBY Music Choir.

- Exclusive access to one of the biggest talent agencies in Canada.

- Two major studio concerts per year.

- Recording and releasing original music on our record label.


It's very important to us that our students demonstrate measurable growth as they learn. We build personalized learning plans for each student based on their goals and communicate progress to their parents at the end of each lesson.


And with many of our students taking part in RCM exams, music festivals and concerts throughout the year, celebrating their demonstrable achievements in music becomes a frequent experience!


We have deep connections with the arts and entertainment industries and are proud to make these connections available to our students. We are also closely aligned with local community theatre groups, elite dance studios, talent agencies and award-winning professionals, all of whom add unique value to the CBY Music student experience.