Seymour takes his role as "Director of Studio Operations" very seriously.


As a soft, fluffy ball of Bichon, he keeps a watchful eye on proceedings from our studio couch, making sure that Christian and Karen are working hard while, at the same time, entertaining students with his unrelenting cuteness and the occasional harmonizing "ruff" (he enjoys singing along sometimes). 

Always the domineering presence, he will bark vaguely at the door when the next student arrives, raising his head momentarily from the softness of his blankey, ready to protect us all from certain danger - that is, as long as he doesn't have to move for it.

In his spare time he sings tenor, plays with squeaky toys and spills kibbles everywhere. It is generally understood that he is the goodest boy.

He loves shaker eggs.

He is unsure of guitars. 

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