Our Story

 Learn about Christian and Karen's stories and how they came together to start

CBY Music™.

In 2017, we joined forces, combining over a decade each of private music teaching, and founded CBY Music™. Opening  in September of 2017 with just 4 voice students, our original location was in an Oakville basement, but we soon decided that we needed to grow our fledgling studio in a community that was up and coming, young and artistically vibrant. So, just two months later, we moved to Waterdown. 

By the end of June 2018, we had grown to 10 students across voice, guitar and piano. As we became more integrated into the Waterdown community, word quickly started to spread, and we kicked off year 2 in September with 16 students.

Our students entered the Oakville Vocal Arts Festival, and earned great results. We also had seasoned and beginner students receive high marks on their RCM exams.   Our students continued to be cast in theatrical productions, both at the professional and amateur levels.  With these results, we decided the time was right to celebrate with family and friends and so we hosted our first studio concert in December of 2018. 

As 2019 came around, we stepped into the new year inundated with enrollment requests. Students with interest in musical theatre, students from competitive backgrounds, early years and even hobbyists all wanted to learn with CBY Music™, giving us our first real opportunity to expand. 

- entered several students in the Hamilton Music Festival.

- submitted our biggest RCM cohort yet, across voice and piano.

- had several students perform in KooGle Theatre's production of "Anything Goes".

- been recognized for our entrepreneurialism by RBC Ventures in this article.

- secured a record deal with an independent label.

- celebrated a fantastic year 2 with an even bigger studio concert in June.

Since April 2019, we have:

What's in store for year 3?

Our third year of operation is set to be the biggest and most exciting yet! With over 40 students now part of our family, and with our growing presence in the Waterdown and wider Golden Horseshoe area, we are excited to continue nurturing our relationships with local and professional theatre companies to get the best opportunities for our students. Along with continued RCM success, studio concerts, recording projects and a number of new performance opportunities that we are developing, students of CBY Music™ are set to have a very exciting year indeed.

The Founders

Meet Christian and Karen, founders of CBY Music. Click below to learn about their individual stories.


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