There are many benefits to being part of a home-based studio:

We decided to open our home up as a music studio for 2 reasons: quality and connection.

We have no commercial red tape to worry about, which allows us to devote our energy and focus on you and your music education; you get our undivided attention.


When we welcome you into our home, we are welcoming you into our family. This is because home studios are intrinsically personal and, for us, it's always personal. We don't just teach you and then forget about you until next week.


We are constantly thinking about your growth as a musician and performer and how we can cultivate new opportunities for your benefit. We are deeply invested in the success of our students, which means you get a high-quality, personalized and dedicated learning experience from day one.

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And deep investment breeds deep loyalty. Our studio community supports our personal endeavours, approaches all of the exciting opportunities we make available with enthusiasm and, perhaps most importantly, they have spread the word and helped us to grow organically because they believe in what we do so much.

Our community is our family. They advocate for us as much as we advocate for them.

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We also build bridges. We connect our students together in musical activities and events, often resulting in new, important friendships. We have also found friendships forming between parents as they wait in our lobby each week, which brings about a real sense of community.


It's this burgeoning CBY Music community that adds real substance to what we do; it's the soul of the studio, and what makes CBY Music a true home-from-home. When you learn with us, you get so much more than just music lessons; an evergreen experience that you will carry for years to come.