Be Enriched.

Online. Ongoing.

The CBY Music Enrichment Program is designed to provide ongoing, music-centric education for our currently enrolled students during COVID-19. Delivered entirely online, students can participate in any of the exclusive daily programs to further their music education and gain access to unique and valuable growth opportunities, all at no additional cost. 

Simply scroll through our online programs above to learn more about them. If you are interested in taking advantage of these deeper learning experiences, please register today. 

If you are not a registered member of the studio but would like to join our Enrichment Program, you will first need to register for regular lessons.

Once registered, you will have full access to this program. 

Starting May 10th

Our impressive line up of special guests are ready to share their stories and advice about succeeding in the performance industries as part of our brand new Aspire Series. CBY Music students can get direct feedback on their own progress, ask our guests their questions and benefit from their collective experience as some of the leading active professionals in the British and Canadian arts scenes.

Starting May 11th

The Learn Lab is our online series of workshops designed to give CBY Music students a deeper learning experience. Each episode focuses on developing current musical skills and introducing new and exciting musical opportunities that students can build on; it's all about adding extra strings to their bow! 

Ongoing through May and June

Our online music themed activities are built to keep our students and their families creative and curious, promoting a mix of fun and engagement. As an ongoing series, activities will be carried out at the student's leisure with check-ins from us via our socials.


Check back soon for more activities!